Elisa Rose – Ocean’s Floor

What inspired the video:
I wrote “ocean’s floor” during my first experience of falling deeply in love. The song speaks to my desire to surrender into the depths of intimacy with my beloved. Through the journey of our relationship I learned that, “The more that you love, the more that you must let go… let’s give each other room for our wings to grow…” I chose the raw beauty and symbology of nature and the sea to tell my story within. Nothing is more beautiful to me then our Earth and I am heartbroken by the environmental devastation of modern society. I teamed up with couture designer Lily Blue Goschen to hand make both dresses. We chose to illuminate the issue of ocean pollution by creating one of the pieces from recycled bottle caps. An estimated 14 billion tons of trash go into the ocean every year and only 1-2% of trash is recycled.

How did your superpower influence this work?
My superpower is embodying and transmitting love through creative expression. I feel that the entire project came from this soul commitment and is an extension of my essence.

Technical details of film: 
Lyrics + Music Written and Performed by Elisa Rose
Music Produced by Oliwa Javiera Estrada
Film Director Sven Dreesbach
Director of Photography Lily Blue Goschen
Visual Effects and Color Grading – Costume Design Revolution